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My worry about Democratic infrastructure and long-term plans continues. A simple google search for Senate Seats up for re-election in 2006 reveals that there is not a comprehensive strategy. And all the bloggers and new sites discussing it are distinctly conservative. The WSJ, of course, is skeptical of Dems chances.


There are 33 Senate Seats up for election in 2006.

The aged:
California (Feinstein-D)
Connecticut (Lieberman-D)
Indiana (Lugar-R)
Massachusetts (Kennedy-D)
Utah (Hatch-R)
Vermont (Jeffords-I)
West Virginia (Byrd-D)

The vunerable:
Maine (Snowe-R)
Mississippi (Lott-R)
New York (Clinton-D)

Seemingly safe, but could use strength or a good challenge:
Arizona (Kyl-R)
Delaware (Carper-D)
Florida (Bill Nelson-D)
Hawaii (Akaka-D)
Maryland (Sarbanes-D)
Michigan (Stabenow-D)
Minnesota (Dayton-D)
Missouri (Talent-R)
Montana (Burns-R)
Nebraska (Ben Nelson-D)
Nevada (Ensign-R)
New Jersey (Corzine-D)
New Mexico (Bingaman-D)
North Dakota (Conrad-D)
Ohio (DeWine-R)
Rhode Island (Chafee-R)
Tennessee (Frist-R)
Texas (Hutchinson-R)
Virginia (Allen-R)
Washington (Cantwell-D)
Wisconsin (Kohl-D)
Wyoming (Thomas-R)

Dems do look vunerable, but starting a ground game TODAY could turn the Senate around.


Paul Krugman's call for the DNC to frame its positions, rather than shifting toward the center is concise and clear. If we take note of the last twenty years of politics, we'll notice that the more the Democratic Party moves center, the more free the Republicans are to move further and further to the right. The political discourse in the U.S. is skewed toward far right politics so much already (does Brittain need to debate citizen's rights to healthcare?). What Dems need is a push toward articulating a moral argument for leftist politics.

Don't count on moving to Canada just yet. Beside their burgeoning right, there's always the censorship issues to consider and the winter to scare you away. I think its all a rube and North of the border it is actually tropical warm, porn is being handed out by secular government officials, and rent can be paid in fresh baked bread.


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